Starbridge Academy

Starbridge Academy-where ideas shine, creativity flourishes, and imaginations soar. Just as the rays of a star emanate in many different directions, so do the opportunities available for young people interested in theater.

Young women actress with two puppet dragons.

Upcoming Events

JUNE - BCT Theater Camp

Interested in scriptwriting or puppetry?
Enroll in Out of the Box or become a BCT Puppeteer.

Want to know more about stage directing, lighting or scenic design?
Become a paid intern working 1 on 1 with a professional in the field.

Want to experiment with the therapeutic benefits of music?
Take part in Project Genesis, a program pairing young people with seniors to unlock memories through music.

Starbridge Academy Programs

Kid’z Clubhouse creates entrepreneurship opportunities by developing fundraising activities such as Storybook Breakfast, an Easter Eggstravaganza, and the Mad Hatter Tea Party. Not sure where your interests or talents lie, then try BCT Jr., a two-week summer intensive involving, music, theater, and dance, culminating in a performance.

Opportunities are available in person or via the Virtual Academy where you can revel in discovering the writing of Shakespeare, the origins of Greek Theatre, learn scenic painting techniques, or try your hand at scriptwriting, and auditioning. Transferable skills such as self-discipline, time management, cooperation, and leadership skills are enhanced through participation adding to personal growth, self-esteem, and maturity.

Studio Works & Theater Under the Pines

Children in costumes putting on a play outdoors.

BCT, in collaboration with Lake Bemidji State Park, re-introduced a summer opportunity for theater with a show performed at the park. The first production, supported under the Studio Works title, proved to be such a wonderful success, that Theater Under the Pines became an annual event. Depending on availability, additional performances have occurred at Itasca State Park as well, usually happening three consecutive weekends in August.

BCT, in a desire to encourage and support all aspects of theater, developed a program to produce works written and/or directed by newcomers to the field. From time to time, we will review proposals for a production that is new, unusual or even experimental. BCT produced The Importance of Being Earnest, proposed and directed by Jesse Whiting, as a role reversal of the iconic Oscar Wilde play. Mr. Whiting won a regional theater award for his debut as a director. Playwright and Bemidji native, Jeremiah Liend wrote a futuristic experimental play, The 21st Century Play, produced by BCT.

  • 2016 Theater Under the Pines' production of Calico Tiger
  • 2017 Fairytale Courtroom
  • 2018 Three Excellent Cows


A progressive stagecraft experience.

Bemidji Community Theater pairs with Bemidji City Parks and Recreation's summer programming to provide an opportunity for young people ages 8 to 16 to experience performing arts in a very personal way. Summer 2023 will be the tenth season of BCT Jr. theater camp whose interest and attendance has grown exponentially. With fewer performing arts and technical skills opportunities in the schools, interest has never been higher. Not only do children get an opportunity to acquire stagecraft skills, but this summer activity also teaches self-confidence and discipline in a fun way.

BCT Jr. differs from other theater camps in its diverse format, designed as a progressive stagecraft experience.

BCT Jr. runs June 3rd - 14th 

BCT Jr. Summer Camp Thank You

Background piece of set, city block
BCT Jr. Scenic Painting

Introductory Class

The introductory class is broken into three small groups guided by a teacher and an intern with each group rotating through music, acting, and dance. Each child learns a musical number to perform as a whole, basic dance movements and choreography, and is cast in a short play. Each group performs for an audience on the last day (last year there were over 300 people in attendance.)

Technical Class

The Technical Class is divided into three groups to learn more about Scenic Design/Painting, Stage Combat, and Costuming with a teacher/mentor skilled in those same areas. Each of the three groups is assigned to one of the beginning groups to serve as technical support in providing individual sets, costumes, and props. In addition, they learn stage combat skills (yes, there are swords!) and perform an exhibition on the final day.

Performance Group

Sign up is based on teacher recommendation with at least two years of involvement in the introductory class. The Intermediate Performance Group includes additional training in stagecraft exercises such as voice projection, preparing a monologue, writing a character analysis, auditioning hints, all while formally auditioning for a part in a selected play. They are then responsible for learning their lines, following blocking directions and helping design the set and costumes needed, all under the direction of a faculty member. Their public performance occurs on the last day of class.

Scriptwriting Class Advanced Group

This Advanced Group composes and writes an actual script to be performed.

Future Offerings

Future offerings are based on needs and interest of the campers. Possibilities include: a journalism/video/radio component, additional classes in acting, and stage makeup.